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Jonaron Foundation Charitable Grants

Jonaron Foundation provides charitable funding to qualifying organizations in East Africa, Malaysia and Singapore. Organizations requesting major funding must adhere to the following Guidelines:

  1. Jonaron Foundation’s Major Grant Application process is currently online (web-based). Eligible Charitable Organizations that have passed our preliminary screening (e.g. Jonaron Foundation Charities Subcommittee Member and/or Field Representative visit or other due diligence) will be provided with a private URL (web address) where they can submit a formal Grant Application online. The Online Grant Application must be completed in full with requested supporting documentation before any major funding decision will be made.
  2. Applicant must be a charitable organisation operating primarily in East Africa, Malaysia and Singapore for the following underprivileged classes of people: for the physically handicapped, hungry and homeless, marginalized poor, sick, elderly and infirm, and orphans and abandoned children. As a special consideration, select Christian Aid Organisations are eligible for funding anywhere in Asia or Africa, and additionally for charitable funding towards Drug Rehabilitation and/or HIV/AIDS programs.
  3. Applicant organization must be well run and efficient, and cannot be over-dependent on the Foundation for their funding. Each organization must convince the Foundation that operation of the charity can sustain longer term without Foundation funding. Repeat applicants over a 3-5 year period should target donations from the Foundation to constitute less than 25% of their total funding for Recurring or Operational Expenses. As a special case, the Foundation may consider major Capital or Building Project funding up to a 50% threshold (i.e. dollar for dollar matching donation).
  4. Must be approved charities registered with the local regulatory bodies, be in compliance with all local tax and legal requirements, and be able to submit at least 3 years’ Audited Financial Statements.
  5. Cannot already receive substantial government funding (i.e. greater than 50% of their total funding per fiscal year), be closely related to government agencies, be administered by the government of any country, or be closely related to any political party or organizations with any political agendas.
  6. Applicants may not request funding for the same projects or expenses covered by previous funding requests, or by other funding sources (i.e. no duplication or overlap).
  7. Online Grant Applications will be accepted and reviewed throughout the year. If your Grant Application meets certain conditions and qualifies for standard review and approval, it could be processed and a funding decision could be rendered within 4-8 weeks. You will be notified if your Grant is accepted or rejected within this standard time frame, or if it requires additional levels of review which could take an additional few months.

If you believe your organisation qualifies and would like to be considered for funding from Jonaron Foundation, please use our Contact form by clicking on the button below to make an inquiry.

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Jonaron Foundation Grant Recipients

Current or Past Grant Recipients have included: